A downloadable game

Using only your words, build bridges with the three characters - lumberjack, emo, and artist - so you can safely exit the chasm.

Touch the character on the other side to win!

You can control your character with the arrow keys.

For best results, write out sentences such as 'I like green day,' 'I like wood', or 'you look creative'. The game checks for the sentiment of words in a sentence, and each character has a small list of words they especially like. If you say mean things, the bridge will disappear.  

*** SPOILERS ***

If you just want to see all the features of the game, use the following words in any order. These are specifically meant for these characters.
plaid, wood, axe, shirt, birch, chainsaw
paint, brush, paintbrush, palette, oil, pastel
green day, my chemical romance, sadness, phase 

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip. Run the .exe file to play.


BridgingTheGap (2).zip 16 MB


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I think you should've hidden hints from this page under a spoiler or something, because i went there completely blind and had a great experience! Good job!

Thank you! We appreciate your feedback. <3

Oh wow I wish I could be this successful talking to people IRL


I like the concept and finding out which words work! Maybe if the word is in a sentence, it should count to. Negative words would be cool to!

We actually have negative words in the game! Saying mean things removes the platforms. Give it a try!

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Ops, my mistake.

Edit: Wow, there are even personalized words that boost your score by 5 (found out because I typed death to the emo expecting to get minus points.)

Glad you like my word processing system. Thank you so much!!

This game is something.